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Electric bikes may be the best answer to the growing fossil fuel problem. Without doubt, a motorized vehicle that doesn’t burn petrol may be considered the most “green” transportation available today. Highly efficient electric bicycles offer you a choice of completely motor-driven, completely self-propelled (pedaled), or a combination of the two – motor-assisted pedaling. You might even consider the benefits to your health, should you choose to pedal the bike some of the time.

Our Models


With unisex design and styling to suit both male and female riders, the Lynx Electric Folding Bike may be the best answer to a commuter bike. The lightweight, yet strong, aluminum frame and pedals fold small enough to carry onto a bus or train. 


Experience an innovative and stylish alternative to public transportation and expensive private cars with the use of this efficient electric bike.


Lightweight, strong, powerful – just what you are seeking in a folding electric bike. Powacycle’s Puma electric bike is constructed of high-quality, durable aluminum.